Virtual Villagers 5 New Believers 1.0

Casual strategy game where players grow a simple village

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    New Believers 1.0

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    Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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    6.9 (315)

Virtual Villagers 5 is a community-building game along the lines of the widely enjoyed Sim City products. With Virtual Villagers 5, the user can populate either a city or village in real time as part of creating a complete community.


  • The interactive features of the game are consistent in their functionality. There is little lagging or other types of distortions to be experienced when playing Virtual Villagers 5.
  • Virtual Villagers 5 is suitable for people in a broad range of ages. The game can be mastered by younger players and is suitable in its challenges to be enjoyed by adults as well.
  • The game presents a player with an interesting array of puzzles that must be solved. Solving these puzzles is the only way in which the villagers themselves can advance -- and the village itself can progress. Many players find the process of solving puzzles to be the most enjoyable and challenging aspect of Virtual Villagers 5.
  • The game is challenging, particularly when a person first gives it a go. The game requires thinking ahead. For example, without proper planning, it is possible for the villagers to starve to death when a person is not sitting in front of the screen playing the game.


  • Although the real-time feature can make for interesting play, noticeable progress in the development of the villagers and their village takes time. Indeed, because the game "keeps running" even when not being played by a player, a great deal of the advancement experienced by the villagers and throughout the village oftentimes occurs when a person is away from the computer.
  • Because of some of the challenges associated with keeping the villages alive, let alone to get them to thrive, some more proficient players suggest that newbies start with an earlier derivation of Virtual Villagers before moving on to play this fifth incarnation of the enjoyable product. This affords new players a better opportunity to hone their skills.

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